Musa’s Box

Have I been gone really this long?
Where the heck did march go? Where did april go???
I could say I have been super busy with things to do and yaddayaddayadda, truth is that fridays come and go so fast I get lost.
I have no notes, so I’ll try to remember as best as I can :)


° springtime: flowers, scents, wind, tepid clean air, being able to stay out without a coat on, staying outside for a beer without freezing, very very nice
° nights out with friends, with a lousy sandwich or a full on japanese dinner, it doesn’t matter, I enjoyed the company!
° the hermitage of Sant’Alberto di Butrio, I’ll say it again: the day my nerves break down, pad me in a fluffy tracksuit and sit me there, on that bench, looking at the valley
° honey
° making a good impression on people :)
° my ongoing, slowly but steadily, project
° organizing days with my friends
° a ticket to see Protest the Hero this july
° paperblanks notebooks
° good books
° a weekend in Calabria
° frittata with wild hop, for easter
° chocolate!
° walks through the park, good for the muscles (ok, the fat rolls) but most of all good for the brain
° re-watching GoT, to get ready for april 24th
° mythological creatures

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