Musa’s pumpkin

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

Are you ready for halloween?
I’ve got my glow-in-the-dark legbones stockings waiting for me and my belly ready to have some risotto!
In the meanwhile here’s what has been supersweet this week :)


° Lindsey Stirling at “Alcatra2 in Milan *_*
° our own, very made up, “Toriniku donburi” (Toridon for friends), aka chiken over a bowl of rice, yay for random not-so-japanese recipes!
° finally tidying up my desk, waaaay better to work like this!
° my husbandhubby, I feel so silly writing it down, but he’s always there for me
° home-y nights
° rewatching together The Nightmare Before Christmas (even though I fell asleep for half the movie… but the blanket was so soft, Stinkerbell was so warm…)
° being inspired by NaNoWriMo, with a friend
° long and yummy breakfasts during the weekend
° our niece finally starting to talk, to communicate, seeing how she lights up when she understand we understood her!
° my new combat boots (I had literally worn off my old ones… like, with holes in the soles!) so pretty *_*
° my kittycat so cuddly in the morning, she headbutts my nose constantly… and how she respects the fact that I’m the Alpha around here, also she gets when I’m mad at her (she chewed on the cable of the doorphone… we risked a shortcircuit and, worse, an electro shock for her -.-)
° these practically perfect autumn days
° mapping out some grocery stores, in Milan, that sell japanese ingredients… an expedition is to be expected U_U (ah, I’m such an adventure seeking gal…)
° mythological creatures

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