Very very serious Musa’s Box

This time I want to write a slightly different list, it may be the days gone grey, it may be hormones, it may be just so… que serà serà I’ll put in my grateful box some slightly more introspective things, mostly tied to those big life-lessons-learned… leanred through hard times.

I’m like “Untill I’m smacking against it I can’t see it”… sigh… Anyway, let’s look at the bright side of it and let’s see what I’ve learned during these years from people, events, places and situations (names, colours, things and cities… do you know the game?):
Proprio per la serie “finché non ci sbatti contro non capisci eh?”, evidentemente no, ho la testa dura… sic… Comunque, guardiamo il lato positivo anche di questo e vediamo cos’ho imparato negli anni da persone, eventi, luoghi e situazioni (nomi di cose, città e colori):

° to G4. C. I4. A2. V. S. e M2. -randomly- for teaching me -randomly-: that I do not settle for compromises just to feed for compliments and acceptation and omologation, that even though sometimes I still miss that special thing at least I’ve been honest to myself, that you never cease to know people, that some signs are to be read for what they truly are, that I’m worth so much more and sometimes I have the right to put my needs before everyone else’s needs, to enjoy my life pursuing what I want and that some struggles simply aren’t worth it, that a sparkle could be lit again even though it didn’t flame up, but it was there and this was good, that sometimes you repeat your mistakes but you can forgive and forget or you can grow up and notice that everything changes and everything stays the same, that I do not need competition, that I can face my worst and do something about it, that sometimes when I’m right I’m right, period, that no matter what others think about me or my life or life in general I have my own vision of things, that in the most unlikely places you can find something wonderful, that sometimes if I’m annoyed that just my fault and I can learn to do better, but sometimes annoyances are only annoyances. Generaly: I’ve learned that I can’t expect people to be like me (for better or worse), that I can do something about some things but not on everything so sometimes I just have to accept it and pay attention to something else.

° on happier notes, also known as, fluffy time: my friends, some are with me since a lifetime, literally, som others I’ve met in peculiar times and we’re seeing eachother way too little but these friendships go beyond any border, others are relatively “new” friends but it feels like I’ve known them forever, also because we shared experiences that do nothing but bond people, I always know who to turn to and there’s always someone when I need them, the best thing is that they’re there even if I do not “need” but I just feel like being together. Those teachers and professors that taught me a lot, really a lot, things that you don’t find in books. People that fit no category but that I’ve been lucky to meet and have been (and still are) a big inspiration in my life… I don’t want to sound sexist, but it happens that they’re mostly women. Furry friens I had during my life, and I think I don’t need to explain why. My family, it may sound cliché and obvious, but without them I wouldn’t be here… in any sense. The women in my family, because there is something special they aren’t aware of. Sa, because, even though I’m on the “a woman doesn’t *need* a man to be happy” side and therefore I guess that if I have never met him I’d have found happiness anyway, with him I’m more than happy.

°  and now, back to rather normal stuff for my Musa’s Box: being on for a couple of times ^_^, my blog, I really enjoy it! Going out, hoping to have a piece of chocolate and finding an entire chocolate cake waiting for us. X Factor’s human cases. Going to the movies and endig up with two great seats despite the odds (a crowd of teenagers… saturday night movies, never again!). Attending my first apartments reunion… quiet, nice and with a lot of tales about my granpa’s adventures :). Being able to use again my right thumb, you don’t know how much it’s worth untill you miss it… I lubs you thumby!!! Clothilde being good (or as good as she could be) at the vet’s, who said she’s beautiful. Watching Saint Seya and making fun of it, remembering childhood memories. Helping (finally, after ages) my mom with her wardrobe change (she had shirts that went back to highschool years… HERS!!!). Downton Abbey, well, yes, I’m addicted. A helping family :). My neighborhood. PIjama hide and seek.

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  1. Sheireen

    Ci sta bene ogni tanto un momento di serietà.. io e Gatto abbiamo deciso che da quest’anno “festeggiamo” il giorno del ringraziamento. Sul modello americano, il 4° giovedì di novembre invitiamo qualche amico e qualche parente a casa, mi invento una ricetta per il tacchino e prima di mangiare ognuno recita i suoi ringraziamenti (alle persone, al karma, a Dio, a piacere di ognuno)… una sorta di scatola musa annuale..mangiando :)
    Se ti va sei la benvenuta! (ma tu vivi a Milano o a Pavia? Ho letto info fuorvianti..)

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