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If you’re reading this it means that, when you’re reading it, I’m already on the beach.
This post and at least another four were written in a couple of sweltering july afternoons, so that I’m not leaving you without updates on wedding&co. So, you’ll still have regular weekly posts, but no Boxes untill I’m back (I’ll be to busy enjoying seaside, fried eggplants, figgs and fireworks). Have some very nice holidays!!!

happy grateful gratitudine felicità

° a slightly retro makeup
° my glorious water bottle
° a Blanche de Brabant beer, it’s always a win in summer!
° going for walks, running errands, and doing nothing for a saturday afternoon with Sa, finally, after too much time
° running away from the city heat, going to the woods, or actually, going to “The Polishman’s House” 😀
° iced herbal tea with ginger-lemon-mint with added rose syrup, incredibly yummy!
° see a lot of butterflies and dragonflies all different, all coloured, shadow by tall trees, trees dropping at least one degree in the temperature, thank you woods!
° Sa who gets rid of that liquid that forms into cream cheese packagings, just like I do
° talking, about principles and deep matters, of silly things and comic books and trivial stuff, with people you know they get it, and that you really get… it feels like being aliens from the same planet who finally met on this planet
° my herb harvest from my vases and pots on the balcony
° see things clearly
° teal, linen dress, refashioned steampunk style
° our last grocery shopping pre- and pro- travel
° leaving home all nice and tidy, to find it like so when we’ll come back (’cause after two weeks spent in vacation who wants to clean up???)
° knowing we’re leaving Clothilde in good hands untill we’re back
° Sa telling me “Make a playlist for the trip”. What an honour *_*
° being able to refashion the burgundy dress too, just like I wanted to. Swap parties are an inspiration source 😀
° sandwich and icecream -sitting on a plastic cow- with my aunt
° minerals supplement, just like my friend always recommends… I think it saved my life once or twice
° iced water+peppermint syrup
° feeling like watching a very epic movie
° my laptop finally alive, thanx to Sa and a new piece of tech
° mythological creatures

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