Musa’s Box

° find an old pair of shoes you forgot about: it’s like having a new one for free! And coloured shoes.
° impromptu deciding to head to the mountains for the weekend
° bathing at the falls
° sequinned bikini
° last minute decision to go to the mountains for the weekend
° take a bath in the torrent
° violet sequinned bikini
° go to the mountains: the air becoming lighter while going higher, the greens, the mountains looking soft thanks to the trees
° sleep safe and sound
° focaccia
° going to the falls, walking in the woods, smelling trees and resins, butterflies, musk, birds, climbing on small rocks (the ones of the dike) to go bathing, wade and slippering down the natural slide, into extremely cold water (I think it was around 4°C)
° take a panoramic picture
° going out for dinner, and then for a beer
° going home slowly, no traffic jam, tick “to do things” off your list, and enjoying some sushi
° being over Death note (it was better before… but no spoilers 😉 )
° spend a day taking care of my body: hair, mani-pedi, home made face scrub and mask
° Brain storming for jobs
° spend a night writing, and enjoying every single bit
° neutral colours, like bon-ton-chic nude… what’s happening to me??
° making style searches
° falling (finally) asleep thanks to the sound of rain and thunders
° rooibos
° positive feedback (I’m starting to love tweets!)
° remembering again dreams
° making up my mind on where I want to go
° start using a new copybook

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