Musa’s Box

How was your week?


° dinner at my parents, chockfull of good things to eat
° bike a lot, with these perfect days it’s easy
° go grocery shopping on my own, buy seasonal fruit (and eat it as soon as I got home)
° my first bechamelle sauce, sooo good!
° PeachPit’s doughnuts *_* I think I might have an addiction
° a Dancing Goddesses night out: so many dance styles, so many dancers, so many musics… they made me want to get back at dancing
° hot pink sunset
° Clothilde meowing and being annoying just to have cuddles *_* of course my Stinkerbell!!!
° anthropology and creative writing shelves at the bookshop… if only I could I’d go in with a shopping cart
° whatsapp group with my mom, aunts and cousin… my phone doesn’t stop buzzing but it’s too fun!
° the pictures I’ve used in my last musa’s box
° colouring my first mandala (downloaded online for free… it was an “advanced” one, and this is not me bragging, on the contrary: it was tagged as “advanced” but come on it’s not that hard colouring mandalas!) while listening to calming music
° the “new” (aka I’ve just found out about it, thanx to my friend) tea shop, it has 85 different kinds of teas (in leafs, not in bags) with plenty of cute cups and mugs
° having a list of “to write” posts ^^
° Deimos, they’re finally done with the recordings for the new album… now it’s up to mixing and mastering!
° mon p’tit-dej avec chocolat chaud et pain au chocolat (if you say it in french is cooler than saing cocoa milk and a snack)
° finding the courage to turn on Jillina’s DVD… and actually committing to it! (It was quite difficult… and painful… but so nice! ^^)
° zucchini creamy soup with lemon-y thyme
° dark teal nailpolish
° going out to celebrate and the cup with the cozy on
° a roaring first of october
° reading interesting stuff online, you can really educate yourself
° Clo sleeping on my lap
° my soft and warm shawl
° verifying how some things will always work
° having a little bit clearer idea on where I want to go
° American Horror Story: Coven promos. I can’t wait *_*
° mythological creatures

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