Hi, I’m Cristina!

I’ve started Euforilla in 2010 on blogger, in these years the blog grew and its style did too. But I keep sharing what makes me happy, what I can do -that’s why I have a Portfolio page- and I keep try to inspire people. Doing what? Looking on the bright side and try to do what they are scared of the most.

I do not preach from up high, I try myself out first, for example I’ve started Carnival Oubli, my own Etsy shop, to share my creations.

The only regular appointment is on thursday, with my Musa’s Box: a collection of the best things that I’m grateful for week by week. Then I also write about self help, books, creative writing, diy, spirituality for atheists, tutorials, style and everything that I fancy.

If you like rock music, steampunk, labyrinths, kind of gothic/grotesque/scary films, tribal fusion bellydance, diy, cats and chocolate we’ll definately go along well. If you don’t like these things I’m always open to find new digs!

If you’d like to write me please do so at

Good reasons to write me:

– you have questions, you’re curious about something or you’re interested in a tutorial that’s still missing from the blog

– you’d like to have one of my creations custom made just for you (you can find the others on Carnival Oubli, my Etsy shop)

– you’d like to read a review of a book or a product, yes even your own products!

– you’re interested in placing an ad

– you need content writing, copywriting, a translation or a proof reading/editing

– you just want to say hello!

Remember you can also find me on:

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