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Here, the pages go up, eating them up literally (and by literally I mean I’ve found Clothilde’s teeth marks on my books…). I’ve read more than in February… though I think this is not because Februrary is short, rather, because I’ve read more short books.
Anyway, enought blabbling, here’s what I’ve read in March!


Blog biz by Leonie Dawson – ok, I’ve finished this (it’s pretty short, actually), it’s free, luckily, but it has some good pointers if you’re just beginning with blogging :) If you’re not… if you’ve been blogging for some years like I do, let’s say this is a good refresher but definately not a “must read”

2013 Create your Incredible! year workbook + planner by Leonie Dawson – An actual workbook of self help targeted for business. It’s not like Leonie will jump out of it with a magic wand ready to fix your business and job life, but slowly and steadily, through cheers for you, quotes and most of all “practical exercises” she helps you to write down ideas and goals, to have yourself deadlines to make projects and co come true. I think this is really helpful!!!

Brave intuitive paintint – Let go. Be bold. Unfold by Flora Bowley – I’ve found out about Flora Bowley’s existence thanx to a ecourse Stella took. I’m still hoping to get it too, but the price is still quite steep for me. So when I found out that Flora had a book about it, I immediately jump into the occasion.
The price is so small it’s ridiculous and the book is a feast for the eyes. On some Amazon reviews some people complained for the lack of detailed painting techniques. To me these people missed out on the point of Flora Bowley’s “painting theory”: it’s called intuitive painting for a reason, you pick up your acrylics and brushes (full materials in detail on her website) and you let go, you dare, you try out everything. At first just for the sake of trying, then following your guts and only in the end you follow your own “taste”.
Do you know what really sold me on buying the book? The mention of a chapter on “how to avoid muddy colours”. So, to me, this book has plenty of techniques, yes it’s basic techniques, but they’re all you need for this type of painting!
(And to prove it, here’s my experiment made with school paint, not acrylics, with old bristle brushes, not sponges, on a regular A4 printing sheet, not two huge cotton canvasses, basically I’ve done all the opposite -material wise- of what Flora advices, yet I’m really happy with my first experiment and I can’t wait to try it properly and bigger!).

Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf – it hapened again: after reading just a few lines I already understood why this is a classic, a milestone in literature. I have to confess that some points were kinda slow, it didn’t “flow” easily for me (or maybe for my lack of sleep?), but Woolf is the queen of interior speech, of the stream of consciousness. I couldn’t help but think of the expression “internal director”… it might be a silly comparison, the one to the film industry, because no movie ever will be able to rest so much on character thoughts, but here it’s like having a “camera” that’s bouncing off and reflecting from person to person, from place to place, nonstop. She doesn’t indulge in psycoanalysis, it simply shows how Woolf was a great observer of people.

Easyway to stop worrying by Carl Allen – an ebook, self help again, sometims I like to keep myself up to date, and it was cheap! What to say, coming from an entirely different kind of self help – the one that calls emotions and universe in – this book is quite refreshing, it’s all about logic and sense and reason. It has sound arguments. The point it: will I be able to practice them? XD

The links to the books are affiliated, which means that if you’ll ever end up purchasing these books from my links, one day or another I might get a small percentage out of it. You won’t pay the book more nor anything like that, but the thing is that I’m try to “self-fund” and “self-support” Euforilla as best as I can :)

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