Musa’s Box

It looks like this little box filled with nice is spreading!
Here are the links I know to other blogs that have one, if I’m missing out, tell me!
Goddess, Lady, Manuki, La Mora.
If you want to jump in please do, the more it spreads the better! It’s a list of nice things from the past week, it’s useful to raise your mood and to be generally more positive (also because, if you do have a blog, you already have plenty to be grateful for 😉 ).

° sleep. Lately as soon as I have a free moment I fall asleep, it’s not the coolest social life, but I enjoy resting so much
° saturday morning chatting with Giada, making henna in a bath tub, Her-Felinity Bastet choosing me as her cuddling pedestal, crunchy sandwich and endless talking… ooops I already mentioned talking? Well, it has been a lot!!!
° saturday afternoon looking for “home useful things”, first purchase for the bathroom (little plastic drawers for my thousands of small things)
° a long shower where you come out scrubbed, soft, perfumed and deeply relaxed
° dinner at Boccio U_U
° finding out that Rythmbox managed to recover titles and artists from an audio cd with mixed tracks, Ubuntu/Linux/&Co have I ever told you how much I adore you???
° daylight saving time: I could sleep in +one hour :)
° season wardrobe switchover, and donating a lot of stuff to charity or to our next swap party
° bake cookies with halloween cutters *_*
° “option” Hecate 😀
° the 31th evening, the bonfire, the food, the company, the party, the “magic” of the moment 😉
° happy hour and pizza with friends
° il boccio
° spend my first day off work in months to clean up a mess I didn’t make, to make a place my own…. (ok, our own :) ) see wonderful results, be phisically tired but oh so so satisfied!!!
° the smell of clean and tons of incense
° a mythological week
° being done at the office, go out to go to Ikea (and there buy a wonderful pillow just right for our future steampunk living room)
° recover a cd (and its titles) with bands like Rasputina and Dead can dance and Medieval Babes *_*
° finally recharge my iPod and plan to change a lot in its playlist
° autumn’s colours
° vitamin pills and ginseng drops
° the endless things to do for the house and the endless projects to do them
° the label on an Ikea box that tells you not to close babies into the box…
° an email from Jareth (ok, to be honest: from the cosplayer who plays Jareth, he found my post from last year about Lucca Comics and thanked me, how nice is that? Please know that one day I’ll dress up as Sarah and we’ll quote lots of parts from the movie U_U)
° dinners with aunties and plenty of ideas
° mythological creatures

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5 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. .Alice

    Leggere la tua Scatola Musa mi piace tantissimo :)
    anch’io, dopo averla trovata su parecchi blog, ho iniziato a farla ed è entusiasmante!

    Ah, e volevo ringraziarti. Perchè mi son letta tantissimi tuoi post in un pomeriggio e mi hanno rincuorata e risollevata in un modo che non hai idea..! Grazie!

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Grazie a te Alice, sono contenta che anche tu faccia la scatolina, più si espande meglio è!
      E sono anche contenta che ti siano piaciuti i miei post, a me aiuta scriverli se poi so che aiutano anche qualcuno posso dirmi “missione compiuta” :)

  2. Daniela

    anche a me piacciono tanto le tue scatolette. Ho iniziato a farla anche io (nel mio diario personale….quello scritto a penna : ) però non riesco ad essere molto regolare, come per tutte le altre cose, quindi l’ho preso quasi come una piccola opportunità per rieducarmi e riorganizzarmi la vita.
    Comunque l’etichetta dell’Ikea che dice di non chiudere i neonati nelle scatole non si può vedè! XDDD!!!

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