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We’re a little late tonight, but we’re here!

° use “Karma” gelly by Lush to take a shower, I had fun like a 12yo!!! and it smells so good! And it comes from Sweden, because we don’t have it here in Italy (Karma I mean, not Lush ;)) and one of my ladies brought it to me ^^
° bike to work (ok, just to the train station), and enjoying fresh air… then on the way home bike in the rain, I was laughing out loud!
° Inceptione. Period.
° greek food… and being hugry again to enjoy it!
° sunny autumn days, colour-show
° lazy sunday afternoons, spent chatting, laughing and taking pictures during a little getaway
° good time schedule at work
° biking under the pouring rain, when I was a kid I loved it so much but I managed to do it only once, finally monday happened again… on a green old-lady-style-bike with a slightly pirate scarf (striped, covering one eye) and a dull expression on my face I guess it made someone’s day
° live music, I missed it so much!!!
° finally giving a birthday present (from july to october… it took quite a bit uh? XD)
° chitchat on the couch
° my favourite tv series are back on tv, thank you autumn!
° notice positive changes and committing to other ones
° decluttering, massive decluttering, you feel free and light
° already having plans for the weekend… and for the next one too!
° searching again
° singing lessons again! It was time… geez… I’m going into the fifth year… seems like yesterday…
° my first paycheck is on its way 😀
° setting things to do some phisycal activity and get back into shape
° Animal Crossing… it never lets you down
° being called “talented writer” even though it was just a commercial XD
° stars and peacock green
° stereomood and silly dancing, reeeeally silly dancing
° Time Warp
° This picture a friend of mine took, isn’t it haunting? *_*
° this video
° toasted bread with blueberry jam for breakfast… yummmm
° Mr. Faun <3

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