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Just three weeks and a day late! Yay, I’m getting better

@ Reineman

@ Reineman

° some good old luck
° hippie nights out (with my cousine too ^_^ little hippies grow)
° family
° drawing my genealogical tree, for all my grandparents… that’s quite a number!!!
° focaccia with rosemary and grilled zucchini
° blankets
° hot tea
° freshly squeezed orange juice
° long walks
° earning ourselves some pizza
° writing regularly
° phase one of my project: done
° buttercookies
° the little shop that sells strands of gemstone beads for 5 euros *_*
° The Oracle of the Sibilla, a nice fun game :)
° planning some trips abroad
° compliments from my workplace
° inspiration coming from where you’d least expect it
° role models
° Game of Thrones *_*
° and, of course, the above comics XD
° mythological creatures

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