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The sky’s turning gray, the washing machine is loaded and working, basically I’m getting ready for a weekend between chores and lazyness, but what has been beautiful, this past week? ^_^

° veg dinner with friends, spending some time studying family dynamics in the table opposite to ours (stylish mom, son introducing a stilish girlfriend, who was extremely nervous… sooooo cute)
° going shopping with my mom, as soon as she got back from Spain
° my new lessons, I’m getting better (I hope!)
° these gorgeous spring days, warm weather and wind, I could go out without coat nor jacket
° new buds on the trees
° dinner in a super cool and interior design savy apartment, that blue on the wall of the livingroom was to die for!
° waffles!!!
° see the work in progress of a future lounge bar, looks promising!
° visiting thriftshops and taking pictures of furniture that might look good in said future lounge bar, maybe they’re interested :)
° our Nook, clean and tidy, all shiny from the sunlight and all airy from open windows
° my home made black bread, it could be better, but as a first experiment I’m not complaining (nor is the cat… sadly -_- she took a bite off…)
° St.Joseph’s pancakes my granny made
° grocery shopping taking all the time I need, meeting my aunt and grandma at the supermarket, buying again fresh flowers… and treating myself to chocolate eggs 😛 (and colours for eggs… could I leave behind such spring-y and easter-y diy tools???)
° mythological creatures

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