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I was thinking of modifying this list a little, make it more than a list of small things (which end up being food and quiet moments :P) that make me grateful towards the worls, make it a list of things that make me feel part of something bigger, those things you can choose to see as “magical” and beautiful, in a world that is bigger than we think.
Yes, I do have my hippie moments!


° spend an entire saturday with Sa :) plus we were all dressed up nicely
° my rice salad, soooo good!!!
° chocolate chip ice cream, which is not something else I’ve ate: Sa bought it as a surprise, to have something sweet to eat while watching the season finale of GoT, and he got half the basket filled in chocolate chip ice cream just because it’s my favourite. Why should I look for someone who brings me flower, when I have a sweet boy who brings me gelato??? Think up ladies, there are priorities in life!
° collect feathers in Vernavola park (yes, it’s legal here!)
° being able to run for 25 minutes without my legs falling out
° bike in town
° lunch break with my aunt
° trying to make a decoration just to see how much thread it takes
° spending an afternoon in Milan, with Doc B., talking about A Song of Ice and Fire books over two slices of Cake at California Bakery
° Ikea and spot on purchases
° a more relaxed Sa
° organize a dinner with friends at the Lebanese restaurant, yummy!
° air conditioning in our bedroom: we’re going to sleep well this summer, yay!!!
° brilliant ideas for some diy at home
° cooking
° work with an 82 yo woman, old school feminist, fan of insects, who believes plants are like people, and she’s also involved in some serious benefit work. I want to grow old like that!
° fuchsia dress with giant black polka dots
° the second book of Sholeh Zard: Zohar! (I’ve proof read it *_*)
° Sa covering me in compliments and spoiling me
° an almost-impromptu purchase, for us two 😛
° Clothilde being super cuddly lately, and she’s also learned to go on the balcony without trying to kill herself
° mythological creatures

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