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I didn’t disappear, I just have been swallowed whole by my couch, for a few days. I thought it was just a light cough, but it turned out to be clogged nose, sleepless nights, stupid fever that makes you feel all broken bones, and an upset stomach.
Wow, so many classy details.
I’m really as delicate as a bohemian flower…

Anyway monday comes to take its toll, quite in a rush as well since I’ve fallen a little behind, so today I need something good: avocado for lunch and a list of gratitude!!!


° run some errands with my softy-soft soft niece
° strike off some things from our to-do-list
° a walk to the local St Joseph fair, quite a disappointment to be honest, but at least we took a walk outside
° a supergreat news from a friend and her little pink bun
° suddenly having a free tuesday morning, yay!
° class with the help of the Story Cubes :)
° ginger, lemon and honey tea to cure a bad cold
° binging on couch + blanket + cat + tv series, always to cure the bad cold
° Sa being my human-sized hot water bag (yes, he’s my hottie, too, as well :P) and Stinkerbell being my pocket size hot water bag
° feeling better
° past midnight chamomile tea, we’re not made for these huge dinners!
° spend some times with friends, with no issues: I was finally better
° a week already filled up with to do things
° having a healthy stomach, now that it’s fine again I can go back eating stuff that it’s a little bit more interesting than “in white” food (aka hospital food)
° thinking about some more educative games (even though they’re not three y.o.!!!)
° striped skinny jeans
° mythological creatures

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