Music for Ellesturm

Some time ago Lindsay, from Digital Plaster, asked me to give her some advice about italian music.
So, loads of time later, I’m here to answer her request. Though I’m not a big fan of italian bands, and though I do not know her music tastes (but once she mentioned Dani Filth, and to know who he is means that at the very very very least you listen to hard rock 😉 ) I’ve decided I’ll link to songs I like, regardless!
And many thanks go to Mr. Faun, for the help and the expertise. We sticked to italian-lyrics only, otherwise the list would have been longer.

DISCLAIMER: nineties -in looks, appearence and sonorities- galore!
I’ll keep an alphabetical oder for bands, it’s easier.
Now let me have some propaganda moment, let me introduce you my friends’ bands!
Armonite, instrumental band

Deimos, Gamma Ray tribute band,

The 5th Element, original songs, they have no youtube clip, but a couple of samples on their myspace!

And last but not least my singing teacher’s band, here’s a cover of Lucio Battisti “Nessun Dolore”

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