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Friday’s list is here.
Yay, aren’t you happy?

The Faerie Queen - Brian Froud

° home made cappuccino, to have a long lazy breakfast
° my tarte tatin, spending sunday afternoon to bake it, hoping… and then feeling immense when I turned it (yes, I get excited for small things!)
° writing the post about my tarte tatin, I liked that too ^_^
° biking through the park to say goodbye to the last day of summer, it was indeed a day of summer!!!
° a bellyfull of sushi with my friends, happy autumn equinox 😛
° trees already changing colour, leaves crunching under your feet, the light that already has a different inclination… autumn ^_^
° finding out that my “assistant supervisor professor” (who made a great deal of telling publicly he didn’t like my thesis on Nietzsche and music) is going to have a full six month course, this year, on Nietzsche and Wagner… muhuhahahaha, Karma, you never let me down! (Ok, I don’t know if it’s karma or if this stuff has a name, and of course this fact has nothing to do with my thesis, but I want to take this on my side anyway U_U)
° tidying up, phisically, mentally and mediatically 😛
° scented candles, yaaaaaay *_*
° a nice confrontation, almost a “debate”, thanx to an article I shared. It’s nice to see I know people that are able to express their own opinion without the need of lecturing everyone!
° this post, it’s absolutely brilliant!
° risotto with raspadura
° playing again a little bit with Polyvore… maybe it will be my post for monday
° reading under a blanket, with a hot cup of tea and my cat on my lap
° mythological creatures

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