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Once again, for those who eventually don’t know how this works: write a list of things you loved this past week, from breakfast with cupcakes to winning the lottery. The more lists you write the more ou get used to notice all those things that make you happy!

° being indipendent, being home alone
° drive far away
° autumn-ish days: I missed jeans, hoodies and scarves
° finish a list and start a new one right away
° my Faun and mythological creatures, I haven’t been listing them in a while, but they are always first, more than first!
° silence
° the proper use of words
° expose myself a bit
° being proactive
° smoothies!
° the Bloop and the thoughts it brings (also “I’m an hippie also when it comes to giant squids!”)
° on purpose lame jokes
° striped tops, yay for Burtonian wardrobe
° glitters. No, seriously.
° sewing again and finally starting my list of DIY projects
° the baseballs
° technology and constant communication
° 30 seconds rabbits
° books shipped from all over the world magically and quietly appearing in my tiny red postbox
° lists and pens that write well
° a beer with my Bro
° Enya
° feeling overwhelmed by thoughts… and dealing well with it!
° Pretty little liars… sometimes it’s too polished and waaaay too teen drama, but at least it’s quick
° spend a day like I was still in erasmus
° good advices from my brothers
° this win-win combination: (rock) tshirt, hotpants, couch, icecream, tv serial!
° summer storms, they make you sleep like a child
° have the best boyfriend in the world. Period.

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