Musa’s Box

° classical music online radios *_*: finish writing my thesis with these sounds floating, making everything so dramatic, know the name of some songs, baroque cellos… maybe I’ll be more productive, like cows
° knowing loads of miscellaneous useless facts
° gunmetal&silver striped toenails (tacky? Oh I know, but it’s so much fun, thanks!!! Plus I’m planning black&silver stripes on my fingernails U_U)… plus, my weekly horoscope saying that I can distinguish thousands of shades of gray… ehi! I’ve got two on my toenails already! XD
° apocalypse-like sky I see lately: bright sun peaking in the middle of heavy black clouds
° spotting other people watching out f the windows, gazing at the thunderstorm
° stat counters & co, I wish I used them from the beginning, they’re so funny!
° Harry Potter’s movies&world
° cooking good things
° the whole weekend
° lullaby myself calm with “Somewhere over the rainbow”
° having a lot of people around me to cheer me up and put things in perspective
° pizza!
° the cashier lady telling us we’re a sweet couple
° ibuprofen
° being able to learn positive lessons even in the middle of unpleasant situations
° pizza!
° baking a cake to distract myself
° this image though “overexpoesd” is missing XD
° write the “thank you page” on my thesis
° “A living donkey is better than a dead doctor”
° my incredible (read= I didn’t think I had it) savoir fair and sangfroid
° playing with polyvore
° going to the cinema tonight
° mythological creatures

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