Musa’s Box

° cold omelette
° Fringe’s last episodes (even though I’ll suffer ’till september)
° sleeping with a thunderstorm outside
° summer thunderstorms with lightnings and hailstone
° walking to town to run some errands
° finally posting something on my blog *_*
° sleeping in
° silly things on facebook
° nice news from friends
° barbecue with tailor-service at my grandma’s 😀
° makeup lessons: it’s nice to put to practice things learned in years of fangirl-ism on youtube, but most of all it’s nice to hang out with girls, playing with colours, daring unusual looks and receiving lots of “wow! you look god!”, chatting about everything, from books to ethics, from politics to men, from shopping to ecofriendly. Basically, a tonic for the soul U_U
° the new Irish Pub with super tall seats, leaving your legs to dangle
° nice mondays: ideal weather, nice dress, good book, on time transportations, new way to get to the office, a nice and relaxed environment, lunch in company, new jobs and… my first paycheck!!! And then coming home and receiving a good news from my best friend, a call from a friend who lives far away, and she too had beautiful news *_* (Owlet, it was destiny, I was wearing my ring with our favourite bird of prey!)
° a tuesday with a happy lunch break: some shopping with a friend I didn’t see in a while and tons of chats!
° playing with WordPress
° having a surgical eye when cutting pics
° very burtonian skirt
° Suffusion Theme
° tidying up, in a lot of meanings
° rainy days, in the end I really enjoy thunderstorms
° mythological creatures

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