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it’s time to write your lovely list, to remember all things nice about this past week, and feel happy about them!
as always, if you want, write yours in the comments 😉

° my Faun
° have a nice resume
° singing again
° find interesting job ads
° bricolage centers where to find old keys and keyholes and projects for light switches to modify
° vanilla scented candles
° chocolate cookies
° old couples holding hands or going for a walk arm in arm, I want to age like that!
° glittering nail varnishes
° my mom’s garden & flowers (see the picture above? *_*)
° crazy kermit emoticon XD
° chat on the phone
° chat before falling asleep
° cuddles and snuggling
° strawberries, piadine and pasta with salmon cheese
° going “back home” there 😉
° greengrocer discounting me strawberries and giving me a lemon for free ^_^
° an old lady dressed in minty green head to toe!
° live music in a nice pub with good sounds
° take nice pictures (now I need only a good camera to take pictures in good quality)
° folk band
° finally female-musicians having fun while they play
° play with photoshop
° dreaming of being one of Emilie Autumn’s Bloody Crumpets XD I had a name that sounded like Cruella and a fuchsia tutu
° winamp, I know, I’m late on this train, but I already love it
° decluttering my stuff
° henna! the colour it gives to my hair, the soothing effect on them, the smell it has: of straw & licorice
° vanilla coloured nightgown and black cherry coloured hair… I feel like a walking cupcake
° fresh fruit smoothies
° shopping my closet (and find out I don’t need anything)
° the sound of objects
° make icing sugar at home
° write a “bio” ^_^
° have philosophical debates
° my Faun
° iranian food
° organizing a barbecue for this sunday
° mythological creatures

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