Musa’s Box

° Going out with friends, have a drink seated outside, on comfy chairs, wind and almost no mosquitoes
° going to the market of Senigallia, being inspired to sew a lot of striped things, finally buying a floppy black hat (after searching for it for YEARS!)
° going to Duomo in Milan, but most of all, shopping in the many, huge bookstores, during sales! (Best of Ramones? got it! a good novel? mine!)
° spend an entire day with my Faun, eat sushi, watch Death Note, fall asleep and enjoy the finally fresh air in the evening
° wind, blue sky, like a postcard
° a lady well prepared on history of music
° I don’t know why we celebrate it, my saint’s name day, but being cheered and receiving some little presents is alway nice!
° pizza
° the Duomo of Milan, unpacked, cleaned, white… it’s beautiful
° tidying up
° writing in a rush
° mails from friends far away, and being moved, ’cause you realise how much you miss them
° find myself not giving a true damn about people pointing their finger (literally!) at me… fantastic!
° indulge in kitsch: sticking stupid and glittery stickers onto my nds, hanghing a SuperMario mushroom on it, painting my nails so horribly that it’s fascinating
° playing with interior design and interior design online softwares
° a quiet, relaxing sunday afternoon, with blue sky, a little wind and the perfect warmth of weather
° globe lamp
° translucent nail polish
° rose scented oil (named “I love myself”!)
° lemon-vanilla-cream-gold yellow… quite strange for me, but evidently I’m regressing at my 12 years old self
° go jogging at the park, with Faun, it was time to! and it makes you feel sooooo good!
° plan a couple of trips
° find something the day you decide to look for it
° receiving old books in the mail
° plotting something new for this blog (just wait I finish this quarter life series ;))
° striped everything
° fabric and its endless opportunities
° looking forward for autumn
° mythological creatures

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