Musa’s box

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Weekly list of things I’m grateful for, from the last seven days.
To increase happiness, positive thinking, and to always remember I’m part of that extremely lucky people in this world.

° Mr Faun’s back
° the “Tea Bag”
° sleep tightly
° jogging, being in pain, but feeling super fine afterwards
° nice days spent on the grass
° birthdays, happy hours, snacks and beer “giraffes”
° gin lemon, tastes of summer
° happy coincidences… so much to think they’re not “just” coincidences :)
° thinking about the deep differences between religion and spirituality… I’ve always preferred the second
° Camelot… thanx Dani!
° Dropbox, very handy!!!
° a “stop for today” day
° nice phonecalls
° excuses to celebrate
° a little early easter (aka: loads of chocolate)
° placebo effect
° buscofen
° mythological creatures

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s box

  1. Siobhan Hanlin

    Sounds like you are having a fantastic week!
    What exactly is a beer giraffe? By the way…I'm seeing Labyrinth at a cinema at the weekend! Giant Muppets! Giant David Bowie, Giant David Bowie crotch (well, that might be rather scary…)

  2. Euforilla

    WOW! Labyrinth on a cinema screen??? I'm so envious! XD Take a snapshot for me, will you? 😉

    Well… a "beer giraffe" is my sloppy literal translation, but it is a suuuuper tall glass(tube, with a draught thingie at the bottom, so you can fill your own glass… and it contains 2,5l of beer 😀

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