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Do you know those days where you tell yourselves “This is my daily to do list” and then anything else happen but what you have on your to-do-list? Basically it’s what happened this entire week, but this doesn’t mean that a lot of niceties happened anyway :)

unicorn pink floyd unicorno

° a lot of good sushi with my friends
° being super fast and efficient when running errands, then taking advantage from it and going for a walk and a snack
° saturday night with friends, chatting a lot because it was a lot we didn’t see eachother
° a hot cup of chamomile tea
° a visit in Parma, ending up in a cafe with three girls I just met… and spending the afternoon laughing, talking about books, about shitty humanity, creepy kids, unicorns and velociraptors (aka: very important things)

self esteem autostima

Just a friendly reminder for self esteem, use it whenever you might need it ^^

° being home in time for pizza and to visit my superfavourite niece, that now can sit at the table with us ^^
° winning the “Patience Award” -_-
° finding the second, fundamental part for our Carnival costumes :)
° finally having my bike back, all fixed, biking again (it’s so quick! it was so painful to my legs XD)
° a glass of wine and tv series-binge
° ticking off a lot of things from my to-do-list (most of all a lot of boring and urgent ones)
° using again my chickpea shampoo (and adding in the shikakai I had left, so I finished it as well)
° mythological creatures

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