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First November’s list


° The Addams Family musical, I like to go to the theatre or to concerts with Sa, lately we’ve been to quite a few, but the Addams Family (per se) will always have a special place in my heart, even though this musical wasn’t the breaktrhough of the century, I really enjoyed it!
° chocolate muffin and my niece’s reaction to her first taste of the black, divine nectar U_U
° ceramic knives and pans, sooo professional (thank you Lidl)
° red, seedless, grapes, gulped down like candies
° well organized days
° writing posts ahead of time
° garlic, evoo and red hot chili pepper pasta
° plan a trip to Milan to get some tea, some japanese stuff and most of all some time with my friends
° y fixed up laptop, luckily finding an old exported file for bookmarks and actually remembering the other ones that got lost (and yes, now they are sinc with my account)
° warming up with tea
° a teeth cleaning really well done!
° falling yet again, and rising up yet again
° scented candles
° the little Zoe, a wee bit of round belly, fur and goofiness (aka: my cousin’s new pet)
° my Stinkerbell DEMANDING cuddles
° mythological creatures

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