Badass Bunnies

Cross my heart I didn’t do this on purpose: one day I was planning future blogposts on my diary, and these special rabbits landed on a twentythird, saturday, april… checking a second time I realized it was going to be the saturday before Easter. What a lucky coincidence!?

After telling you about the meaning and the symbols connected with bunnies, to let you know that they’re not just a bunch of fur and fear like we usually believe; today I want to give you “practical” examples of rabbits that are now in common knowledge, or are known for any other reason, and are endowed with a pretty badass character.
Why? Because I still, and always, think and care for those shy ones who come here, I’m just leaving them a bit quiet without pressing posts, but this one wants to be a cheer up.

The White Rabbit (could I start from somewhere else? And check out Alice McGee’s white rabbit!)
The March Hare (I couldn’t skip this neither)
Easter Bunny (he brings chocolate, I said everything)
Four Hundred Rabbits
The Moon Rabbit
The biggest rabbit on earth (its feet! its feet!!!)
The Giant Pink Bunny (and it’s in Italy!)
Labbits (*_* I want one)
Jazz JackRabbit (a rabbit that jumps, shoots, fights enemies all in a Wonderland-ish set? I had so much fun playing!)
Roger Rabbit (shave and a haircut…)
The Bunny Suicides (not exactly positive, but so funny!)
30 second bunnies
Donnie Darko’s rabbit (veeeeery scary)
Lolbunnies and more (just search bunny, bunnies, rabbit 😉 )
Hop (at least in the trailer)
The signature bunny that’s conquering the world
All the Bunnies from “Watership Down” (beware, spoilers… -_-)
How could I forget her? Lenore in Little Bunny Foo Foo

Lastly, James Hillman in “An Essay on Pan” tells us that Pan was abandoned in the woods, as a newborn, but his father Hermes wrapped him in hare skin and took him to the Olympus, where everyone accepts him.
Hare is sacred to Aphrodites, to Eros, to the moon and to bacchanalia. Being in hare skin means that Pan belongs to that conceptual/mythical group.
Not bad, uh?

Last but not least, my very own stuffed bunny (in a very posey pose) 😀

Did you know, if you want a bunny as a pet, that you can adopt bunnies, instead of buying?
I’m not so keen on buying pets, so why not save a bunny from abandonment? :)

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