Musa’s Box

Two days late, but here it is!!!


° having found the shoes for my brother’s wedding (yes, I know, I have to continue the tale about it)
° a sunday with company
° good icecream
° air conditioning in our bedroom
° electric fan in the kitchen/livingroom/lab (yay)
° a 120x90cm canvas and a bag full of acrylics *_* and my new sponge brushes *_*
° going back to Brallo, for a day: the water from the fountains, ready sliced thingies, the little pine grove, the playground, going to visit the huge oak (it’s almost a thousand years old), the little waterfalls (drinking that super fresh and super clean water, washing hands and feet) *_* so nostalgic!
° chatter with my best friend aka Bro for an entire day, I came home voiceless
° lunch at Peach Pit, with a yummy smoked salmon bagel and a gooey and pink strawberry doughnut
° talking about herbal dyes, gemstones, books to write, chakras and random experiments, while sitting on the steps in the shadow
° Sherlock, we do love ourselves genious, sociopathic, fundamentally good but fundamentally socially inept characters… with a fantastic english accent!
° the “Coppa del Nonno” icecream
° Kenya artisanal objects (see polka dotted hippo above *_*)
° a picnic at the park, the nap under the trees, a little shopping and biking with my two favourite little onions (aka: friends)
° my lovely purrying Stinkerbell
° mythological creatures

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