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First list of the new year, let’s see how you’re doing so far, 2016!

Mi sono disegnata un piccolo aiutante sulla mia agenda bullet :)

I drew myself a little helper on my bullet journal

° well deserved rest days
° a lovely niece
° an afternoon spent baking cookies, with my friends
° cuddling with an adorable little kitty, that I quickly renamed from Yoda to “Minuscule Thingy”
° planning a night out with mah ladeeees!!!
° doing right away unpleasant things to do
° re-watching all of the Harry Potter movies
° Befana stockings filled with sweets and nice surprises
° warm shoes and jumpers
° Melanie Martinez
° post-holidays sushi
° trying bullet journaling
° a new approach to things
° mythological creatures

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