Musa’s Box

Another thursday, another list, who’s joining me?

° Spending a friday playing zills, with live darbouka
° crepes, greek restaurant, that amazing blonde beer
° walking to the city centre, for our nights out
° going for walks
° the Duomo of Pavia, finally reopened, and a strawberry and banana smoothie
° a forum presenting Pavia’s old architectural beauties… and how it has been ruined
° Sa cuddling me and taking care of me so that I can heal sooner
° broth with broken spaghetti, ehy, when you’re sick it’s like heaven!
° aspirin+chamomile tea induced naps
° being, finally, almost at the golden knights part
° Downton Abbey
° the “creative fever” I had while I had flu (probably the idea of being stuck to bed made me willing to do stuff, unlike the usual)
° my first papiermache mask
° my grandma, worried for my flu, that sent me tons of food (“I’m making meatloaf, would you like some?” “Why not” I got: meatloaf for two, six fresh eggs, a bowl of salad, four tomatoes, a slice of quiche, a jar of bean sauce, two persimmons)
° healing, at last!
° a load of emails to organize all hallow’s eve and the following day
° books that get printed again and their presentation
° Clothilde who, I guess, understood when I was feeling really sick and stood by my side, all quiet o_O *_* <3
° talking about feelings, discussing, clearing up, being better
° sending an email far away and receving a wonderful answer
° bags filled with scrap fabric, broken jewellery and beads to use as I like best… muhuhahahhaha
° learning to knit (just the basics for now… but it’s a start!) and planning a trip to a fabric store
° mythological creatures

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