Musa’s Box

Photo by me, edited with photobucket, veeery roaring twenties of the future *_*
° saturday night, farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, reharsal room with balloons and decors, soft lights, a table with a snack galore on it, tons of bubbles to drink, music, games, laughs, friends, company, gangsters, cosplays, bead strands anywhere, flappers of the future and from the roaring twenties, steampunk hints, cake, presents and song sung, in a nutshell: my birthday party ^^ take this freezing cold!
° an epic nap on the couch
° chocolate cake, what a sweet recipe!!!
° my stuffed bunny (one of many)
° staying in pajama
° writing this list anytime at day or night
° Ubuntu, which is always full of wonders and solutions, that I can face too!
° the 24 hours in a city blog carnival: it was fun to imagine and to write, and most of all to read, thanx again Siobhan!!! I loved how everybody was like “so many things so little time, come back again!” ^^
° the two meanings of “letting go”
° being almost done with christmas presents, hurray for bookstores
° having a paycheck to sponsor all those presents, it hurts a little less to be good XD
° and to stay on topic: feeling christmas closing in, it was a while I didn’t!
° a day that start really wrong, but being able to start it again and having it right
° potato chips
° seeing everything under a snow cover
° technical clothes: I may be stuffed like a turkey, I may be charming like the doughnut man, but I am warm!
° the short holiday coming: from friday to wednesday hopping around with Mr. Faun, with christmas street markets, to the mountains with snow!
° a couple of days to unplug and rest
° well behaved people
° office jokes
° hot tea and steam inalation with essential oils
° Harry Potter!!! When does July come??? XD
° “extremely southern”: quote Nietzsche out of turn, after listening a song recording :)
° Mr. Faun, always
° mythological creatures U_U

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