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Super duper list of nice from the past week.

source: Google

° plenty of “whatevs”
° corso buenos aires by night
° read a good book, it’s something that puts up to anything
° mounting the last pieces of furniture for the Nook
° a Lab that looks like a real studio, it’s more organized and looks bigger o_o
° crepes with friends… and a good glass of sweet cider
° a wonderful springlike day, walking around without being cold (finally!)
° opening all the windows and see the temperature going up
° laying in a sunny spot on the carpet (future furrycat, you’ll be happy here!!!)
° fifteen minutes phone call out of break time 😀
° being almost done with a pretty long project, the beginning of a new one and having support for a third one, I’m pretty happy with myself!
° breakfast in bed to wake up early Mr Faun
° microfiber cloths (shiny sink and dusted shelves, yeah!)
° group shopping online
° smooth and relaxed skin, a consequence of my new mental condition 😀
° ideas, projects, things to do and finally time to!!!
° Prado, Reina Sofia, Thissen, Pardo, Retiro, Puerta de Toledo, Calle de Fuencarral and then Sevilla… I’m coming!!! Better, ¡voy a llegar, esperame!
° switching to a prettier and lighter coat
° lunch with nice colleagues and “sorry the sandwiches came late… but they were all different!!!”
° an Ikea voucher
° “out of the basement” poster 😉
° being a little nostalgic because it means that there were someone nice
° a bottle of brut, a bottle of sweet sparkling white, a Sacher torte, some glasses, a lot of “good luck”s and a lot of nice people, I didn’t expect it… <3
° sushi at home, with japanese dishes and decorated chopsticks, ashai beer, Fringe and my Faun… the perfect evening to celebrate freedom, two months lived in the Nook, two and a half mythological years and leap year day, there is always a reason to celebrate :)
° a sunlit Nook
° mythological creatures

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