Flower Power

Flower power… to 95% of those who know me this is no surprise at all!
I remember a yellow, long dress, with coloured butterflies printed on, and a brown shoelace tied on my head… my first attempt to dress up as an hippie, I was 11 or 12 years old… and I liked myself that way so much!

We’ll skip, here too, on drugs abuse, excessive public nudity and shallow hygene, ok? These are elements that never fascinated me.

But let me explain the real charm that those individuals could have on a young mind.
Extra long, loose hair, beads, bracelets and tons of rings (I’ve always had a soft spot for ring-ful hands), comfy, natural or super coloured clothes.
Smiles, flowers, music, love, peace, care for nature, love towards the animals.
Oriental and exoteric philosophies, crystals, faith in the universe.
Heck, isn’t this a perfect lifestyle? No? Just me? Too bad…
Let’s add rebellion to what looked like a life on a pre-designed track, a life that was lived too many times: studies, work, family, farewell. NO!
And youth movements, for studies, for rights, for ideals (right or wrong at least they spoke their minds, they made themselves heard… ok, someone maybe did it to conform to that time’s “fashion”… but they did achieve some results…).

Yeah, ok, hippies are way too easy to mock around, some “hardcore hippies” don’t even need to wait for the Simpsons to be laughable, pages like encyclopaedia dramatica are countless…
But let’s talk aesthetics.

Keeping bathtime!
This is the easiest style for my wardrobe: my hair are already super long (dyed with henna, oh, nature!), in summer I have but long skirts, I have no syntetic fabrics (I get shocks enough as is, thanx, and then syntetics smell bad), when I wear rings I don’t wear less than four, kajal is a good old friend of mine…
and I try to think positive, to raise my voice when things go wrong, to respect the environment (and not because it’s “hippie”, but because I live in it, we all have to live in it). And I want a Volkswagen minivan *_*

But most of all… can we not thank them so incredibly much for music fests, and all those musicians that came afterwards? And all those musicians that have been inspired by them?
I give credit where it’s due U_U Thank you hippies, thank you!

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