After-Paris Musa’s Box

New list of nice! Where are yours? :)

° The weekend in Paris, with my best friends, walking a lot, eating a lot of pain au chocolat (and a lot of other good things), visit Paris again *_*
° beautiful weather days
° glossy magazines to spend some time gossiping
° la Settimana Enigmistica U_U a crossword puzzle magazine
° a super pretty tin jar of shea butter, all natural, smells great
° coming back home, to my Sa and my Stinkerbell-Clothilde
° eating healthy and light again
° going to the city square, to a comedian show for politics, laugh, clap, be moved (not for what he said, but thinking about how this Country is…)
° Horrya’s rose tea
° enroll in an online free program, quite flower power, let me say, we’ll see in march how it goes
° my first article on :)
° an hour of yoga to distress muscle, set my breathing, coming out of it super relaxed and ready to nap… or to eat, it depends 😀
° pasta with broccoli, next time I’ll add more anchovies, but it was quite good, being the first time ever I cooked it!
° rooibos and countless layers of clothing, to keep me warm when outside is snowing and windy
° learn new things
° being done knitting my scarf, a scarf that now tells a story made of mistakes, tryouts, try-again, new things learned, stubborn-ness and consistency :) (but never again needles n4, from 7 going up chaps XD)
° play again with Polyvore
° doing a little job, little payed also, but I love it :)
° spending my day writing
° managing to wake up early and being super productive and overachieving for a day 😀
° mythological creatures

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