Musa’s box

° going away for the weekend
° see the snow again (and my angel in the snow still slightly there!)
° Stresa, what a place!
° feet reflexology and ayurvedic massage… can I have some more?
° the lake, islands “Borromee” made to tell tales and legends
° napping while outside’s snowing ^^
° read with some music in the background 😉
° a match with Worms
° flat breads you eat on the mountains
° coming back early to meet up with friends
° funny waiters
° eat well
° arnica cream (though you don’t eat it)
° days growing longer
° animal rings
° talking a lot, about everything, with Mr Faun, so mythological ears U_U
° neck stretching
° red fruits juice
° things done a little at a time, a layer upon the other
° interior design websites, and boosting my fantasy (I only need a real paycheck!!!)
° smile (and infect passerbies)
° stopping to cuddle a furry puppy
° “monday’s flat breads”
° role models
° new opportunities
° having lunch with Harry Potter (I promise, when I finish reading the books I’ll stop annoying you!)
° Google Art Project
° having a thick scheduled agenda
° talking and finally spitting out things that were becoming stale
° it’s thursday, then tomorrow’s friday, then it’s weekend!
° scheduling DIY times too, it cannot be impromptu anymore!
° having themed blogposts, and having a lot!

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