Prizes and pebbles

Yesterday I visited Giada’s blog to see if she posted her Musa’s Box insted I found this and, while I type this post, she leaves me a link in the comments, thank you Jade!

An award of a verasatile and interesting blog *_* How nice! And now I have to write seven random things about me…

1) I speak (and read and write, oh my, what a phenomenon!) french and spanish too (and do I have to say italian too? Anyway, my french and spanish are not as good as english but they’re pretty good non the less, like I can chat with the girl at the cashier desk, not only not to starve!)… then I also speak my local dialect and I know exaclty three words in the dialect of Calabria, does that count too? XD
2) I have absolutely no sense of direction, I can literally get lost in a supermarket
3) I lived 5 months in France, in Montpellier
4) I’m happily chocolate-addicted
5) my shoe size is 38 (at least in italian sizes… hey, these are random things!!!)
6) my cellphone ringtone is always shot to the maximum with the volume because I never ever hear it
7) I always have to have something to write (pen/pencil and a notebook or similar) in my purse, otherwise I’m not at ease

Now, to follow the rules of this “award” I have to return it to other 15 blogs… unluckily I don’t read as many, so I’ll just name my favourite ones and then, if you think your blog is versatile and I might like it please leave a link in the comments, I’ll definately be visiting it (one of 2012 resolutions to be a better blogger is to read and contribute to more blogs :) ).

About blog resolutions keep reading further, but now, my favourite blogs, always random (in the italian version you’ll see the italian ones, here the english ones):

Facets of the fabulous
Frock and roll
Yes and yes

I’m slowly trying to get back to blogging regularly, we still have some internet connection issues and I still have to “take the rythm” of this new life (while trying not to exhaust myself at work, before everything else).

These weeks I’ve been away from the web I’ve kept writing thow, most of all if I had something in my head that didn’t keep quiet, these are things that deserve to be discussed with people.
And what’s better than throwing a topic out there on a blog where anyone can give their two cents?

So take note that the next post won’t be about diy, positive thinking (on the opposite, they might be a little bit polemic, but they were well needed…!) though they’ll require a lot of help from you :), it’s like little pebbles I want to take off of my shoes.

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