Musa’s Box

Lately a lots of people landed on this blog looking up on google “Musa’s box” “Box of Musa” “What’s Musa’s Box” and such… this makes me really happy ^_^
So I’m going to explain you what this is: it’s a weekly list, where you collect nice things, those that made you smile or say “thanx world!” that happened in the past week.
The goal is to realize that our lives are, in the end, really lucky, in the face of bad days and upsetting moments.
The original idea is not mine, I’ve found it on Gala Darling‘s side, who, I think, took it from Seth Godin who too might have taken it from The sound of Music, who knows? XD
There’s no need to call it Musa’s Box too, but if you do I’m happy, of course. It’s up to you, the name and the day, I write it on thursdays, some others on monday or whenever, your choice!
By the way, if you do write it leave a comment (leave it in the comments!) or leave a link to your blog, we’re not alone! These girls are writing it too: Goddessinspired, LadyMija, Manuki, La mora, and then Siobhan and Stella who write it their own way.

So, who’s joining in? ^_^

° cartoons on TV
° clarifying a situation that was becoming stale
° bug/scrabble like nailpolish
° Bree Van De Kamp sindrome and the ObsessiveCompulsive behaviour with a tidy home
° my quiche, it’s always a win!
° inviting friends over for lunch and dinner ^_^
° Mario Kart challenges (and challenges with Wii in general, most of all when there’s many people playing)
° Ikea’s shopping card *_*
° the old secretaire, finished and put in place <3
° clean and soft sheets
° eyedrops
° laying on the couch, under multiple blankets, being warmed
° pandoro in the office (“golden bread” literally, a christmas sweet)
° think about tons of different recipes for tons of different guests
° thinking about going home and bathing in a hot bath *_*
° bathing in the tub, with hot water (lobster effect), playing with froth, watching my body flattened by the surface of the water, the skin getting all wrinkly, putting my head under water and listening to all the noises… well, just bathing!
° a video with an embarassing moment and getting rid of something to say… people really need to live a lighter life instead of holding on stupid grudges!!!
° mr Faun asking when do we go back to Montpellier *_*
° deciding do gift ourselves “for Valentine’s day” Harry Potter’s movie box set (every chance is good), and to have an Harry Potter marathon
° these macro pictures of snowflakes
° an impromptu all you can eat sushi with colleagues
° mythological creatures

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