Musa’s box

So, let me see, is it really three weeks that I don’t do this? Where the heck does January goes every time???


° Elena <3 ° auntie-sitting like a pro-auntie ° things that are about to get closed ° a kickass chili con carne ° making "farinata" (a chickpea flour recipe) ° coming home, Don't stop me now by The Queen, feeling great :)

° Terry Pratchett
° crossing off some things from my “to do list”
° good movies at the cinema
° playing with an old hobby of mine (making candles)
° my cat looking outside the window
° taking her to the vet because “I felt like a ball in her stomach” “What, like, here?” “Yep…” “That’s fat”
° a fat kitty :)
° mythological creatures

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