Musa’s box, with award

This time, other than the usual box (are you filling it with nice?), we have an extra! Read the list till the end, and find out what it is!

° a thursday to recover, like holidays
° proust-style memories, smelling an herbal tea
° toy-green nails
° violet icecream flavour
° productive days for the association, with useful meetings, interesting offerings, and super long discussions
° my order on ELF, arrived soon and smelled of roses
° a sample from Minerals Will Work For You (I like the INCI: deep pink, and the number of the pigment)
° Ubuntu on my mom’s laptop too
° resting in the Castle’s park
° an herbal tea with Mr.Faun after a huge barbecue dinner
° days that feel like, thanks to the weather, summer holidays
° happy hour near the river
° gmail’s message “Hurray, there is no spam here!”
° our second Swap Party, a lot of people (also my highschool english “reader”), professional makeup, a bag of nice green things to take home, chats, well, the whole day even though by evening my feet were aching!
° dining with pizza and ice cream, like kids
° mixed salads, with nuts, sesame seeds and balsamic vinegar, yummy!
° impromptu hugs, and really snug ones
° this steampunk teaser, I met the set designer *_*
° a speech lashing out at Heidegger’s “one”
° Doc. Sheldon Cooper
° an orchid expert told me mine is nice and healthy! *_*
° tonight I’ll finally see Mr.Faun, he’s coming back from british lands
° walking barefeet on the grass

I’ve been awarded with this:

Thank you so much Giada!!! *_* way too kind!

So, it works like this:
-choose ten blogs you like
-tell them about the award
-write ten random things about you

Here are the blogs, in no particular order, I wouldn’t be able to choose:
Facets of the Fabulous it’s already in the name! From cocktail recipes to book reviews, from high heels to beautiful music videos
Frock and Roll style? check. Rock and roll? check. Loads of fun? check loads!
Yes and Yes because yes is better than no. How can she be wrong?
Arte del Cambiamento a blog about the daily things of a little star, living her life ecofriendly, downshifting and with four beautiful cats
Dibbly Fresh you’ve missed a cult movie? don’t worry, she’ll tell you about it in one minute, making huge flops look fun!!!
Not That Kind of Girl she inspired my 21 days challenges, but she went bigger: she consistently committed to do those things she was “not that kind of girl” to do them! (is this in any form of english? XD)
Monoxious these two singaporean girls are really mining my resolution to add colour to my wardrobe
Joanne Faith from fashion to life advice… this is style!
Il segreto è unire due punti con una linea Miriam is the author of a bunny waterpainting I hung on my wall, she painted it at Lucca Comics&Games, and on her blog she posts drawings and “homeworks” from the comic school she’s attending, so pretty!
Charade Megan writes about vintage, thrift stores, travels and most of all about ways to live your life with a positive mind set

And here are my ten random things:
1) I always count the steps of a stair if I’m w
lking it up (or down), so if I stop speaking to you, please don’t be offended

2) sometimes I talk to objects (scene. Me”Come on! Behave!” Mr.Faun”What?” Me”Nothing, I was talking to *insert object here*”).
3) I can get a shock from plastic stuff too…
4) I’ve been writing a dear diary since I was 6… and I still own all of them!
5) I believe that all the DIY and “more concrete/artsy” stuff I do is a way, for my mind, to balance my philosophical studies
6) my favourite ice cream flavour is stracciatella (from word reference: fiordilatte ice cream with chocolate chips)
7) I think I’m one of the very few people in the world who did NOT like the Little Prince
8) I hate when someone walks into my bedroom (maybe also without knocking) and then leaves leaving the door open…
9) other than italian (wow, really???) and english (as you can see) I speak french and spanish too :)
10) in a box of cookies I eat the broken ones first, so they won’t feel lonely (they reunite in my belly :) )

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  1. Siobhan Hanlin

    Wow! Euforilla! Thank you so much!
    I'm going to check out these amazing blogs! I also talk to objects, though I also name my technology so that I can shout at it properly. The printer is Delilah, who is a bad girl.

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