Musa’s Box

I’m posting some minutes after midnight because “today” I’m leaving, four days in Tuscany, see you on monday!
And don’t forget to write what, from this past week, you would keep in a treasure chest!

° Blowing soap bubbles in the courtyard of uni, and shocking freshmen!
° my favourite Animal Crossing character (Lobo) moving into my Parnaso and willing to form a group of metalheads with me
° Rob Brezsny’s horoscope
° activating a paypal account linked to my debit card
° coconut granita
° books on sale
° free texts
° placing orders for books I wanted since a long time. One of these is coming from the USA, in september: perfect timing!
° incense, the thick smoke and perfume floating like meditation
° going fast forward with the writing for the blog, and keep on having ideas for future posts (nerd? ok! correct my dog’s behaviour? allright! reviews? I’m on it! change in 21 days? it’s on its way!)
° lucid dreams and deciding to fly
° beer fest: friends, walks, beer, a band that “rocks” and rock music still able to gather people, and fighting mosquitoes all together
° yogurt cake: going around with Faun, shopping for ingredients, make the cake together and then wait exactly two hours to eat it
° Death Note
° Gran Torino. Clint Eastwood is a genius.
° talk to friends you’ve haven’t heard of in a while
° coloured concealers/correctors, they work wonders!
° wind: even a little, in these super hot days, where it feels like you’re breathing water, hot water, wind feels like a godsent gift.
° packing a suitcase to stay four days in Tuscany, to start: Gamma Ray and Queensryche, all with my Faun. Mythic! (imagine here a Homer Simpson-like voice)
° berries. Is there anything better in nature?
° friends pursuing their dreams and passions. It takes some guts.
° My purple eastpak shopper bag: it’s super resistant, comfortable, and more: has a lot (and I mean A LOT) of room and is summer-heat-proof!
° learn useful things thanx to “Fuji User’s Manual”
° hide notes in my Faun house, when he’s not there
° Pesto. Traditional and Sicilian!
° the smell of the ink of Bic pens
° wait midnight to publish my list and then be able to say “today I leave for my little holiday!”
° mythological creatures

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  1. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Wow, have an AMAZING time in Tuscany! And coconut granita? Ooh, that just sounds too delicious!

    P.S. I love that picture and sentiment very much!

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