Liebster Blog Award!

And here I am catching up with this one too (I know, I know, you don’t start sentences with “and”, but I like it, oh there I said it! U_U).

Last week Yliharma, from Minimalitaly, left me a nice comment saying that I won the Liebster Blog Award!
 Rule number one, but I’d do it anyway because I’m well educated, thank Yliharma for making my name in this award.
She’s been following me spontaneously (which means she’s no friend, nor family, nor had she been payed to read this blog, amazing!) and she often joins in and comments, basically, any time I see “A new comment by Yliharma” I’m smiling :)
So thanx again for this nomination!

Then, nominate 5 other blogs… now… I’m always saying this but I never get around to get past it, but I don’t read so many blogs (with less than 200 readers!) so I’ll name just a few and then, I know how lazy this is: if you have a nice blog you think I might like, link it in the comments, right away! 😀

Of course the first one is Yliharma’s Minimalitaly, but I didn’t need to say so, did I?

One is my friend Chiara’s blog, I don’t know how many followers it has, but since lately she’s all about her Sholeh Zard ebook, just take a look… most of all if you’re artists/drawers/photographers/graphics, she needs the cover for her ebook!

The other is the newly made, but filled with expectation, Lilith’s Cave, all in english, it needs to grow and I can’t wait for it to be filled with nice!

The last one is a blog Ive found browsing through “blogs I like to read” lists, it also has more than 200 readers, but please be patient with me, these award thingies make me all excited! Usually I don’t peculiarly like fashion blog, but the writing in this always cracks me laughs, and makes me reconsider my black flats collection… “Ma ti sei vista?”

Here they are, and I renew the “please-link-your-blogs” suggestion!

The rules: 1) thank who gave you the prize, 2) link her/him, 3) copy-paste the award on your blog, 4) give the award to 5 other bloggers, 6) leave them a comment to tell them about the award

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