Monday Musings: the year of the Dragon

Today in China is new year, it’s the Year of the Dragon.
Reading on the internet: “Expect this to be a very energetic year, filled with optimism, power and entrepreneurship. However, the year is of water dragon, which means that even the most powerful will give a patient hearing to the weaker, and will try to see through their point of view. Better alliances and decision will take places.”.

me wanted, Ikea, please re-stock it *_*

This mythological animal has a special meaning to me, plus it is no news that to me any occasion is good to have a party, so I’ll try to “celebrate” somehow (maybe with origami? Or withoptical illusions? <– I already have this one :) ), I’ll definately think of something for tonight (in China they feast for 15 days!!!)

Anyway, it’s always a new year, a new beginning… I still haven’t made a list of resolutions and things I want to do.
There’s a general concept I want to stand by, it’s to be more consistent. Whether it is practise, rehearsals, repetitions, exercises… Consistency is what I need, and I need most of all the confidence that springs from it.
– improve this blog
– get back to projects I have half abandoned
– give life to the new ones I’m thinking of

Halp! XD
And you? Any ideas for the new year? Will you be celebrating the year of the Dragon? Do you like this mythological beast?

Copyrigh @ Jessica Galbreth

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