Being Happy


I am happy.

Now you. Try and really say it.

Many people can’t do it, they just mock it (or mock themselves?), they don’t believe it, nor they think it’s possible they feel guilty or else.
Mostly because many people tend to idealize happiness, they mistake it for some absolute bliss, an earthly and unreachable nirvana. Lame example: if I think that I’ll be happy only when I’ll reach X I’m already postponing my happiness, and even if I actually reach X I wouldn’t be satisfied, postponing again.

Heck, google can tel you that happiness is but a state of mind, a choice you can make now. And yes, I also believe that is some sort of natural consequence of being positive and optimists.
Once again, just to have this clear, it doesn’t mean being constantly happy for any silly thing, it means being able to choose what things matter and choose how to feel about them.
This also carries a big consequence: choosing battles that are worth fighting for (and please excuse the gaudy phrase).
Anyway Epicurus wrote a beautiful Letter on Happiness  (I’m not much into ipse dixit, but now I could use some, so why not start from the beginning, among those who wrote about happiness? 😉 )
Moreover I have a thing for nice pictures with nice words, so take this selection I’ve made!



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