Musa’s Box

Musa’s Box: noun, compound, f. s., said of weekly list about all experiences, people and things nice lived in a determined span of time. See also: here (and Goddessinspired, LadyMija, Manuki, LaMora, Stella, Siobhan, Volevamosolo, MakeupDiary, v3gan) ^_^
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° Our symposium in Pavia, at long last a meetup with my philosophers and most of all my Stupidini (Silly-one) after too much time. See them well and spend hours remembering stupid stuff from Uni *_*
° lebanese restaurant, and most of all hummus and babaganush
° teach my first sewing lessons, being able to explain stuff, feeling fine explaining and doing, spend some time with some friends… and earn my first craft-money :)
° duo insulting the dvd of “arms and postures”!
° herbal teas
° see a, happy, difference between me and the others
° write full pages
° being able to *see* who’s in fron of me, without a blink of an eye, without buying into their words, having some spine!
° thinking about the future
° a quiet saturday
° biking on my super cool green bike!!!
° spelt pasta with zucchini
° listen to new music
° to catch up with what I’ve forgot in the last box: a saturday spent among eggs (hardboiled or empty), alternative mandalas and drums, drums, drums. Plus a sunday spent dancing Inspirational Bellydance in a very zen “gym” :)
° talk deeply and finding ourselves even closer
° sleep with feet touching
° biking to buy takeaway sushi for dinner, and pay for it with my first sewing money!
° googling “refashion DIY/ tutorial / how to”
° plant basilic (from Pra), digging with my bare hands in a pot of dark, soft dirt… and see it come back to life (even if it’s slow and after a very bad moment)
° green “gradient nails”
° phronesys
° write my blogposts
° keep on moving some things from my parents house to the Nook :)
° listen again to Lucio Battisti
° getting ready to spend the weekend away
° season two of Game of Thrones
° recent episodes of Ringer
° Mr Faun

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