Musa’s Box

List of nice things, that I’m grateful for, that happened in the past week :)


° my students, showing up at the exam prepared and nervous
° subsequent lunch break with a friend
° the weather cooling down a bit
° chitchats with my colleagues
° light summery dresses
° going everywhere with my bike
° icecream shopping
° talking with my husband
° exchanging kittens and dinosaurs with Spleen
° tidy home
° our neighbour calling us “a young couple of newlyweds” (he’s 65 and got married again last year, so cute)
° setting things for this summer’s catsitter :)
° a supercuddly Stinkerbell, even though it’s hot
° a beautiful turquoise, occitan breakfast bowl
° daydreaming for two
° homemade pizza
° From The Depth live concert, being in good company, being extremely hot and then extremely cool, coming home at 3am, cap it all off with an herbal tea and honey
° mythological creatures

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