Real witches

Ok, maybe the title it’s a little pretentious,since I want to talk about books… but have you ever had that feeling, while reading something where the protagonist was some “special” woman, that makes you think “Now, THIS would be a real witch!”.

I mean those books where ok, there’s magic, ok there something weird going on… but there are no magic wands, no lights blasting from hands or super complicated rituals. Those books that are basically stories about women, their intuition, their sensitivity and ok, a hint of higher help (less poetically called magical realism sometimes).

Practical magic“, Alice Hoffman. The movie was taken from here. But, as usual, the book’s better, and in this case it’s also almost another story!

The mistress of spices“, C.B. Divakaruni. I know a somewhat bolliwood movie was made out of it, never saw it. Anyway the description of the black knife always stayed with me 😉

The changeover“, Margaret Mahy. I found out that I have this book in common with a couple of friends, we all read it in the right time: pre-teen years… I have to give it to my little cousin!

Chocolat” and “The lollipop shoes“, Joanne Harris. Yes, it’s the same Chocolat as the movie, here too the book’s better and different (to start with it’s not set at the beginning of the ’40s). The lollipop shoes is the sequel.

The secret garden“, F.H. Burnett. This one too was made into a movie, in ’93. It’s impossible you haven’t at least seen it! The bonfire scene is the most “magical” one to me 😉

I have a sweet memory from this film: I was watching it with my grandma, certified greenthumb, who was totally delighted by the scene where the kids “restored” the garden, she told me “Look how rich that dirt is! I’d like to have as plenty of seeds and bulbs as they have too! And throw them all around!”. I don’t know, it was sweet :) (and there’s McGonagall before she went teaching at Hogwarts, it’s serious business!).

I have to say that writing this post while outside’s raining it’s a treat! Plus I noticed only now how 3 books out of 6 deal with food, mainly, (Chocolat, Lollipop shoes and Mistress of spices)… this reminded me of another movie based on a book (a book I haven’t read, that’s why I’m talking about the movie) “Like water for chocolate“. And other two of them involve gardens… there’s something to think about here!

Now it’s your turn, what books of this type have you collected?

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4 thoughts on “Real witches

  1. Anna T

    Nooo La figlia della luna, lo so praticamente a memoria *_* e anche quasi tutti gli altri li ho letti..A proposito di streghe, ci vediamo giovedì sera? :)
    Anna T

  2. Cristina

    UUUh, “Come l’acqua per il cioccolato” l’ho letto almeno dieci anni fa, ma è un libro che rileggerei ancora e ancora ( se lo trovassi, ovviamente) sigh…
    Bellissimo, cmq, l’ho divorato!!!


    1. Euforilla Post author

      Se lo trovassi perché la tua libreria sembra averlo fagocitato o perché non è più in ristampa ed è esaurito?
      Spero la seconda, così c’è possibilità che tu lo ritrovi… e che io possa comprarne una copia in libreria!!!

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