Musa’s Box

This week’s list of nice, here it goes!


° tidy home, the Nook all ready to receive friends for pizza!
° spending a sunday working, weird, but not that bad ^^
° some days off me being proofreader-translator-secretary-PA-ponyexpress XD
° having finally found the wedding favours for the BFSIW (BigFatSpanishItalianWedding, get used to the shortcut!)
° a salad made with lentils, fresh onion and tomatoes, yummy!
° coconut treats, sooo yummy
° fancying some junk food, eating it twice in a day, in two kickass places U_U
° an aunt that’s more like a big sis ^^
° perfect weather
° assist at the photoshoot for Deimos, trying to photobomb every once in a while 😀
° payday *_*
° emails
° finding a friend I thought I lost all contacts with, thanx FB for once you’ve been useful. And all the feels, DA FEELZ!!! XD *_*
° my “summer series” back on air
° black nails
° french braiding my mom’s hair
° a dinner with all the “girls” of the family
° mythological creatures

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