Musa’s box

° trust my guts
° don’t compromise (not now that I can still avoid it!)
° squishy windows and 4 cubic desktops in Ubuntu *_*
° having the guts to state things as they are
° sing, siiing siiiiing siiiiiiiiiiing
° see friends I haven’t seen in a long while
° play with colours
° another Philosopher’s gathering
° two hours in a bookstore
° three shelves for creative writing
° bookstore’s discounts
° snack at California Bakery, with scones, pancakes, muffins and yumminess of the sort
° going back straight to Mr Faun’s
° sunday night pizza
° braids
° this Professor
° wind and the smell of air
° paypal!
° friends that always have a good word
° being mythological 😉
° free resources on the net
° plans, projects, plots to conquer the world

And you? What did you gratefully put in your weekly box of nice?

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