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Tiny little list ^_^

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

° friday night, house full of friends, tzatziki, beer and pizza!
° my niece wanting to be tickled, muhahahahaha
° guacamole and a big mixed salad
° deciding to learn how to cook fish (and starting off with spaghetti with seafood) U_U
° pivot tables. Ehi, they’re great!
° online tutorials
° planning a long weekend out to de-stress a bit
° reserve an arnica treatment for two: it makes you feel better immediately
° having the chance to stop by in China Town, and to have a look into my favourite asian store *_*
° lilac nail polish
° lunch at my gran’s
° Queneau’s Exercises in style, always useful
° resting like there’s no tomorrow: the green, the silence, the air, the water of the mountains
° an hour-long massage with arnica oil and medicinal herbs hot pouches, placed on the right spots *_*
° hours upon hours spent talking (about books, cinema, cats, music, art, homes, taxes, videogames, cartoons, work, silly things, food, travel, pictures, etc) with my very good friend (and her partner ^^)
° coming home earlier to enjoy some time off
° fans and sunblock, I am truly grateful for these!
° writing ahead
° our cat all cuddly
° Mythological creatures

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