Double Musa’s box

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been on holiday (yay!) and went straight back to work (sigh…), to be redeemed here’s a double list, for the past two weeks!

° last working day pre-holidays, and saying “bye bye” two hours earlier than usual
° start travelling ahead of time with no troubles at all
° ritz crackers
° snoozing on every transport possible
° see Mr Faun and literally running to him
° see Calabria from the sky, all light up at night, the moon shining over the sea, see the sunset from the airplane
° Calabria itself, I’d say it’s a place of fire and earth *_*
° crystal clear water, huge beach, free and almost empty (5 umbrellas and Mr Faun said it was crowded!!!)
° bathing, with my head underwater, just being into the sea and hearing nothing, floating suspended… me and the greatness
° figs, the good ones
° eating, eating, eating, there’s plenty of time for diet and sports: when you’re bored 😛
° nice company
° fireworks, festivals, local markets and everything else
° fireworks at Bianco, on the beach
° Reggio Calabria, D’Annunzio was right, it has a beautiful seaside walk… and a super yummy gelato!
° fruit juice
° doing nothing
° read a huge book
° mario kart challenges
° grandmas’ houses that feel like holidays and summer
° mozzarella, the real deal
° holidays with the “family” (not mine, but it doesn’t matter ^_^) that are as enjoyable as the ones with friends
° happy hour with super yummy things (and arancini with mushrooms)
° fruit ninja and gin rummy tournaments
° see the Etna smoking
° a couple of weeks at home with my Melina
° a shooting star (with coordinated wish) seen from the beach *_*
° Mythological special moments 😉
° professors that should be  UNESCO property because of their culture
° breakfast with nutella rolls
° Mr Faun, now and ever, most of all because he’s a great housewife and grocery-shops wonderfully!
° little secrets it’s too early to share, not to jinx them 😛
° other people’s Musa’s Boxes ^_^
° sleeping
° cold herbal teas
° micro-cats, and if you hold them close they stop crying *_*
° fast organizations (wonderful brainstorming)
° talking and chatting
° a mythological week
° Nyan Cat
° mythological creatures

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