Musa’s Box

Ok, it’s not friday, but luckily “nice” doesn’t have an expiration date :)


° fajitas in good company
° my new favourite expression “hit the ground running”, that makes my head go all “Don’t stop me now” by Queen, I don’t know why, but Queen is good.
° realize that sometimes all I have to do to feel good is eat proper food and remember to drink plenty of water. Duh.
° cinema tickets at 3 euros, for “Finding Dory”
° full battery on my iPod, walking with the headphones in
° starting out the day with things such as “What’s my age again” by Blink182 or “More than a feeling” by Boston
° the autumn duvet on the bed
° tea break
° 90’s tribute Jam session in Parma, as we say “what an ignorant fun” 😛
° brunch with loads and loads of good food (eggs, bacon, baked beans, and then french toast, brownies and orange juice, and loads and loads of coffee of all types… that I don’t drinki :P)
° the tree lined way home, with such perfect colors
° seedless grapes
° Varekai of Cirque du Soleil, I’d declare them Unesco, and I’m not kidding
° scented candles, the smell of lit fireplaces, the smell of roasted chestnuts. My nose is a happy nose in autumn :)
° our cat playing with her big carboard box
° mythological creatures

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