Musa’s box

° big and tinkering pendant earrings… to shake repeatedly
° makeup lessons, with chats, useful and interesting things, tea, cookies, a cat everywhere you look at, lecture notes, basically, a wonderful saturday afternoon!
° having your back stretched *_*
° daydreaming, anytime, anywhere, like crazy, with no limits and about every detail
° talking seriously with my brother (and I’d add “finally”, it was I while we didn’t see eachother)
° serious questions and “yes” as answers 😀
° chatting with my friend Icon, so much time owlet!!!
° clover hole puncher
° toenails painted in absurd colours, like acid neon green, I laugh every time I take off my socks!
° wild hop omelette, better the day after, fridge cold *_*
° going jogging in the park
° kebab and icecream, walking in the city, with the perfect weather
° a new job!!!
° sewing
° mythological creatures, increasingly mythological!

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